Amy MacCutchan


Amy MacCutchan aka: HooperSonic began hooping her way around Toronto in 2011. She has been building a name for herself as a leader and successful hoop dance instructor in her local community for over 9 years. She believes that anyone has the ability to create beauty with the hoop no matter what skill level they are at or what their personal dance style may be. She also believes that beautiful hoop flow is more about having a fine balance of "drilling your favourite things" and "letting go" rather than focusing on how big your "bag of tricks" is. Amy's OG passion is on body expressive hooping and giving off that BIG HOOP ENERGY, but really enjoys a good multi hoop session. Her overall teaching style is encouraging, energetic, and entertaining! Last year, Amy hosted the inaugural Toronto Hoop Collective festival. The community made this three-day festival a huge success. After THC 2022, Amy received many messages. She realized that this event filled a large void for herself personally and for the hoop community in Toronto. She hopes that others continue to host jams, workshops, and other "skill-sharing" events of any kind in her amazing hometown. The energy of these gatherings fill our souls to the brim! So, she truly hopes we can keep the momentum going over the coming years.


Brittney Alyssa


Arcana is a multi prop performer and 1/3 of the sask flowart trio The Salty Circus. She spins many different props but hoops are her one true love, be it one or many, LED or FIRE. She will entice you with her sultry acrobatic flexibility and dazzle you with impressive circus style multi hoop formations. Over the past 8 years she has been making her presence known across Saskatchewan and on festival stages across western Canada. From the origins of Emotion Music Festival in Manitoba, to the fire and drum circle at Ness Creek Music Festival in Saskatchewan to the beloved Astral Harvest of Alberta festival days gone by, all the way to the stunning spectacle of Shambhala. She has performed for a wide variety of different occasions from street fairs and Fringe festivals to fundraising banquets, funerals, weddings and everything in between. Whether performing on downtown avenues at events such as NB International Street Performers Festival, Nutrien Fireworks Festival or stilt walking, hoop in hand above banquet guests she exercises sly confidence, spinning an enchanting web of mystery and playfulness wherever she goes, her flexibility and whimsical grace make her a captivating act to encounter.

Kate Ryan

Kate is a world-renowned circus artist, entertainer and entrepreneur from Canada, specializing in Circus Hula Hoop, Face Balancing, and Grand Multi Fire Hoop. Her client resume includes representation of Cirque du Soleil (Theatre Mama), MSC Cruises, Princess Cruises (Don Casino Agency), and clientele such as Party like Gatsby Speakeasy EU, Cartoon Network: resident artist and Adelaide Fringe Inc. Her work as an artist, entrepreneur and humanitarian has been performed in twenty different countries across the globe.

Lola Loops

Lola is a passionate multi-disciplinary artist & producer living on the unceded and illegally occupied territories of the Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh and Musqueam Nation. Her love of movement came in the form of a Hula Hoop— It was there that she first established a space to explore her body, in spiral form. Her desire to explore and train further spun her straight into the realms of street and contemporary dance, along with forms of ritual theatrics, soft acrobatics and clowning. Pushing the status quo from the ground up, Lola aspires to weave stories that are meaningful and vulnerable with her signature touch of silly and sass. With over a decade of performing and facilitating workshops locally and internationally, she is energized by her quest to break norms and turn heads, all while exploring new styles of movement and utilizing them in her quest of self-expression.

Meghan Ferguson


Scientist by day and flow artist by night, Meghan (Ohmega) Ferguson is constantly experimenting, both in the lab and in her free time. Flow arts has become an essential pillar of her life and a creative outlet to balance the scientific part of her brain. Ohmega started hooping in Edmonton Alberta in 2011 and quickly became addicted to all types of prop manipulation, from dragonstaff to buugeng. Her love for music and dance is influenced by her work, which culminates as a mesmerizing blend of technicality and flow. She loves sharing her knowledge and is always up for a challenge!