Francis Dubé

Dart Vapor

Inspired by the Rope Dart in its traditional form, a kung-fu weapon, his movements embody power and control. Years of practice rewarded him with a place in the prestigious Rope Dart Academy, alongside some of the world’s best rope dartists. The infinite quest to master his art led him to the world of fire and LED performances. He can take over any stage, filling it with an overwhelming passion. Well known in the flow arts community of Montreal, he taught Rope Dart to more than 300 students over the last year in multiple festivals, events and classes.


Daniel Musashi

The FloWarrior

Renee Robyn Photography
Renee Robyn Photography

With over a decade of experience under his belt, The FloWarrior has earned a reputation as one of Canada's top fire and flow arts performers. Fusing his passion for dance, martial arts and music, he has created his own unique brand of 'martial artistry' through years of training and dedication to his craft. A world renowned innovator in a number of unique disciplines including folding fans, rice hats, lightsabers, and the Force Leash; he continues to push the limits of what is possible through movement art and object manipulation.

David M Lopes

Darius Dart

Rope dart practitioner for over 15 years. Mostly self taught and teaching many who seek out the skills. Meteor / Puppy-hammer and Contact staff spinner. Fire safety technician, Instructor and multiprop flow coach and a great baker too

Mateo Lopez

Free Spirit Fire /Mateo

I have been practicing flow and fire arts for 8 years and my first props were staff and rope dart. To this day even though I wield many other props, rope dart continues to be my favorite! It has helped me in many ways mentally and physically and has also influenced my flow and style with other props. I really enjoy teaching movement and have been teaching rope dart to others for a few years now . I love to see how people progress when learning a new skill and the happy faces when they get a new move down! I have been told I'm a great teacher and am thankful my students see me in such regard as i do do all i can to create a positive experience for everyone in and out of the class. I very thankful to be nominated as rope dartist of the year and to be apart of such an awesome community. I am looking forward to the final results of the can spin awards! Much love and keep flowing and growing!

Tracy Marie

TRACY MARIE is no stranger to the stage having spent much of her performance career enchanting audiences as a professional bellydance artist. She is Founder, Creative Director, and driving force behind both At the Hip, a well-established, modern cabaret style bellydance troupe; and aGoGo, a gogo, fire, and flow collaboration of some of Calgary's top dancers and flow artists! Originally more on the dancer side of the troupe, a bout of nerve damage temporarily paralyzing her left arm made it difficult to dance her passions whilst her nerves had to regrow and heal. When all else felt lost, and there was uncertainty if she would ever raise her left arm again, Tracy Marie dived headfirst into Rope Dart and fell in love. Tracy Marie’s skill as a performer and her penchant for the avant-garde has led her to perform at a variety of stage shows, festivals, and club nights. An avid performer and administrative powerhouse, Tracy Marie was Shin for Freezer Burn's 2019 Fire Conclave, she shares a myriad of performance styles regularly at Beakerhead and with Le Cirque de la Nuit, she co-produces and performs gogo and flow for Space Gnomes productions, and she rope darts her way into the hearts of all those who get to know her. Tracy Marie’s unique style of combining bellydance isolations with hard lines and expressive poses make her a captivating performer and a joy to watch!