Daniel Musashi

The FloWarrior

With over a decade of experience under his belt, The FloWarrior has earned a reputation as one of Canada's top fire and flow arts performers. Fusing his passion for dance, martial arts and music, he has created his own unique brand of 'martial artistry' through years of training and dedication to his craft. A world renowned innovator in a number of unique disciplines including folding fans, rice hats, lightsabers, and the Force Leash; he continues to push the limits of what is possible through movement art and object manipulation.


Co Foster

Co is a multistaff spinner based out of Toronto. After completely giving up on floppy props, focusing on staff entirely led to specializing in double staff, contact staff, double contact staff/swords, some triple staff work, and partner acro-staff. They've met and trained with many of their staff heros around the world to elevate their skills, and are often seen noodling at local toronto jams and community performances.

Dan Muirhead

Damien Flame

Non-flammable? Challenge accepted.. I suck at writing these things, but necessary evil something something. Been spinning for 15-ish years, across many skills. My main focus has been on various staffs, and using my face... breathing/eating. I have taught contact staff off an on over the years and have presented classes at circus retreats. And now an AI generated short story to make my bio look less anemic... Once upon a time, there was a purple monkey named Dishwasher. Dishwasher lived in a circus and was responsible for washing all of the dishes used by the performers and staff. He was a hard worker and always took pride in his job, even though it wasn't glamorous. One day, the circus was preparing for a big performance and Dishwasher was busier than ever before. As he was washing dishes, he overheard the ringmaster talking about a new act that they were going to perform. It involved a daring high-wire act, and the ringmaster was worried that they didn't have the right monkey to perform it. Dishwasher had always been fascinated by the high-wire acts and knew that he had to try it out. So, he snuck away from his dishwashing duties and began to practice the high-wire act. He quickly found that he had a natural talent for it, and before long, he was performing the high-wire act flawlessly. The circus was a huge success and Dishwasher became the star of the show. He was no longer just the humble dishwasher, but a talented high-wire artist. He continued to wash dishes when he wasn't performing, but now he did it with a smile on his face knowing that he had a special talent to share with the world. From then on, Dishwasher's dream of being on the stage and entertaining people came true, proving that anyone can reach their dream if they work hard and never give up.

Joey Vedres

Meet Joey, a seasoned performance artist who has spent over half of his life mesmerizing audiences with his breathtaking performances. Joey's love for the art form started in his youth, when a friend placed a fire staff in his hands. He became addicted the heat and intensity of the controlling fire. Joey decided to learn the art himself and has been honing the craft ever since. He has performed at countless events and festivals around the North America, wowing audiences with his unique style and energetic persona. Joey’s performances are a perfect blend of skill, artistry, and showmanship, and his enthusiasm for the art is contagious. When Joey takes the stage, the energy in the room changes. He moves with a fluidity that can only be accomplished from years of practice and training. His movements are precise and intentional, yet there is a sense of playfulness and spontaneity in his performances that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Apart from being a performer, Joey is also a seasoned instructor. He loves sharing his knowledge of staff spinning with others and has tutored many students of all levels. His teaching style is fun, engaging, and highly effective, and he has helped many aspiring artists to develop their skills and find their own unique style. In short, Joey is a true entertainer, a talented performer, and a passionate teacher. Whether he is performing on stage or jamming with friends, his love for the art form shines through, and his energy and enthusiasm are truly infectious.


The Pyroneer

The Pyroneer is a multi-talented fire spinner currently based in Calgary, Alberta. He performs independently as The Pyroneer, and has performed with Acorn Thief, Le Cirque De La Nuit, aGoGo, Indigo Circus, Zero Gravity Circus, Red Pepper Spectacle, and many others. He was also a coach with The Circus Academy and teaches Poi independently. The Pyroneer has spent over 20 years developing his talents wielding a multitude of fire props. Specializing in Poi, he can dazzle audiences with his exceptional skill and style. The Pyroneer founded the New Model Circus Army Conclave and created Spin All The Things: The Toronto Flow Festival, and the Okanagan Flow Festival. His love for community has had him participating in events across Canada and the U.S. as an instructor, performer and leader.